We are still HERE TO HELP while the office is closed to the public

We offer telephone appointments on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Click here for details on how to schedule an appointment.

Our Process

Legal Help Centre is a place you can come to if you have a legal problem. Services are provided at no cost, to all individuals who qualify.

In Person Services

**During COVID we are doing telephone appointments.


LHC does not provide legal information or advice over the phone. You must attend a Drop-in Clinic to get help with your legal matter.

We Are Not Your Lawyer

LHC helps self-represented people. Although we provide you with information, and in some cases assist with drafting documents and contacting other people, we will not be your lawyer.

We are a Non-Profit

LHC is a non-profit organization. We have limited resources, so although we would like to help every individual with their problem, there are certain matters that are too complex, or otherwise beyond our ability to help.

No Urgent Matters

Generally it is difficult for LHC to help with urgent situations, but we will do our best to give you some information and guidance and if possible, refer you to someone who can help on an urgent basis.

Mutual Respect

LHC maintains a respectful work and learning environment. LHC will not assist people who act inappropriately or are disrespectful towards students, volunteers, staff or other clients.


Information about you and your matter will be kept confidential, and will not be discussed with anyone other than LHC staff, students and volunteers. However, we may discuss your case with others outside of LHC if you give us permission to do so, and we may, and in some situations must, reveal information about you and/or your case if you tell us about harm to yourself or others. Your information will be kept confidential even after you no longer require our services.

Your File

When you attend Drop-In, a file will be created including personal information and details of your matter. The Law Society of Manitoba requires that we keep your file for a period of at least seven years before it can be deleted or destroyed. 

No Longer Eligible

LHC will no longer assist you if we determine your income no longer meets the financial eligibility guideline, you hire or are appointed a lawyer, your matter becomes too complex or you act contrary to the Terms of Service document you signed.